Sandboxes With Covers

This Sandboxes With Covers article will focus primarily on what we refer to as the all-in-one plastic sandboxes. We have grouped all of the others into Sandbox Kits and have commented on them on another area of this website.

These plastic, all-in-one sandboxes are admittedly smaller than most of the sandbox kits, but are great for younger children, and there use is not limited to use as a sandbox. They consist of 2 parts: the body and a lid/cover, which are constructed of highly durable commercial plastic.

The base is usually molded into an interesting shape, which children often become very attached to. There are several reports of children receiving their sandbox as a gift during the winter months and wanting to play with it in the house (without sand of course), and even wanting to sleep in them.

Availability:Usually ships in 24 hours
Dimensions:38" x 53" x 11"; 20 pounds
Capacity:Holds up to 200lbs of sand

The base can hold water so these sandboxes have often doubled as a wading pool. And because the sandbox base is self-contained they can be placed on a patio, terrace, or deck. You wouldn’t normally do this with the larger kits as most of them have no bottom. That also means that you can move them to another location if you want. Because grandparents may have sized down this makes these sandboxes attractive for them to purchase as gifts. Then their favourite little people have a play place when they come to visit.

Also, because the base is plastic it won’t rot like a wood sandbox, and will therefore last much longer and be available to “pass down” to the next child.

These sandboxes all have a cover, or lid, which of course a website focusing on covered sandboxes should point out. The lid will keep out the neighbourhood cat and other unwanted yard debris. The lid is also important for these sandboxes to keep out the rain. With the kits the rain washes right through, but because these sandboxes have an enclosed bottom the lid is necessary to keep the sandbox from filling up with water.

Availability:Usually ships in 4-5 business days
Dimensions:38" x 43" x 12"; 14 pounds
Capacity:Holds approximately 165 pounds of sand

A very nice feature of these covered sandboxes is that they are easy to clean. If the sand starts to get old, just get rid of it and clean the base out with soap and water. That also makes them easy to empty and store at the end of the summer season. Because they are smaller, they don’t require huge quantities of sand, so you can put new sand in them every year at a limited expense.