An EZ Peezy Sandbox Shade Canopy Alternative

Having a shade canopy for your kids sandbox is a really good idea, not only does it protect them from damaging UV sunlight, it also reduces the temperature of their play area, and may allow your children to stay active for longer periods of time enjoying fresh air and the outdoors. 

Here is a product idea we thought might be effective and useful as a shade canopy for your children's sandbox. Not only is it easy to assemble, it is multi-functional, and could be used for other activities.

The product we are referring to is the E-Z Up Sierra II 10 by 10 Canopy pictured below:

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What we like about this canopy as a sandbox shade covering is:

  • It's ​reasonably priced
  • It's larger than most of the canopies that come as part of sandbox kits
  • A 12' x 12' option is available
  • It's portable and easy to install
  • There is a choice of blue or tan
  • It's easy to take down and store for winter, if necessary
  • It's easily moved to another area of your yard, to put over a wading pool, or cover an outdoor table for eating
  • It can be taken down quickly and used for other activities. To mention a few:
    • A shelter from the rain or sun for your children's soccer team
    • A shelter when camping
    • A shelter at the beach (maybe a bit of a stretch if the beach is crowded)

    I'm sure you get the idea and can come up with additional uses. It also comes with a protective carry case that is equipped with wheels to facilitate transport.

    I go back to our own personal sandbox experience and think that this canopy has great possibilities. Anything that makes it easier for the kids to play outside for longer periods of time has to get strong consideration. It beats the alternative of staying indoors, and if you live in an area of the country where you get winter, kids are already indoors enough of the year.

    It should be noted that the 10' x 10' model is measured at the base of the slanted legs. The actual canopy itself measures about 8' x 8'.

    The second part of this "shade equation" is the E-Z Up Recreational Sidewall. This is a great compliment to the shade canopy and can be attached as a wall, or walls, to provide even greater protection. It gives you the option to strategically attach the "wall" to whatever side of your canopy you would like or even get more than one.

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The third, and final component that you might consider are E-Z Up Instant Shelters Deluxe Weight Bags to anchor the canopy. The E-Z Up Canopy comes with spikes to anchor each of the legs, however, if you want to place your canopy over something other than soft ground these weight bags could be just the answer. 

I know we have been in situations where driving a stake into the ground is an all but impossible task. I don't know why but camping sites are often built on gravel, or ground that's so hard it's the next best thing to poured concrete, which even the strongest of stakes is no match for.