About Us

SandboxWithCover.com was created so my husband and I could pass on our years of "sandbox experience" to your family. We like to refer to it as "straight up information you can use". When we were raising our 6 children there was nowhere near the level of information that's available today. We simply had to figure it out as we went along.

If you have been looking around at sandboxes you will have realized there are many different ways you can go. Or as a friend put it; "who knew there was so much to know about sandboxes". We hope to cover some of those on this site to help make your decision easier. 

There is more to know than you might have thought, but it's more than worthwhile when you see your children safely enjoying themselves for hours in the comfort of their own backyard.

Years ago, when we moved into our home, the first thing we did was build a fence around the backyard so we had the confidence that our children were safe. The second project was the building of a sandbox and the purchase of a wading pool. During the summer months our backyard became like another room in our home.