Sandbox With Cover

Welcome to, we hope you will take the time to have a look around. Here you will find a combination of many years of parenting and many hours of research and review. It is our hope that this combination will be of value to you as you research the best covered sandbox choice for your child.

Let us first reassure you that a Sandbox With Cover is a fantastic investment for your child’s enjoyment and education. Play therapists (yes there is such a person) concur that a sandbox is a great way for children to develop their creative skills while simply enjoying the tactile feel of the sand. Let us also say that your child’s sandbox environment needs to be as safe as possible and to that end we have included several articles.


Covering your sandbox  should be an automatic feature of any design you consider for your children’s new sandbox. A sandbox cover will keep cats from using your children’s playing environment as a litter box and will also keep debris such as leaves, twigs and grass from soiling the clean sandbox sand.

I think we would all agree that the thought of cat feces in our children’s sandbox is disgusting, but did you know that it is also very dangerous, especially for pregnant women? Cats are known to be the definitive host for a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that causes a very serious infection called: Toxoplasmosis.

Covering the sandbox is the only real answer. A sandbox cover will keep the cats out and keep the sand clean. We speak from experience. We built a sandbox for our first child when he was only a few years old, but didn’t realize a cover was necessary. It didn’t take long before what seemed like every cat in the neighbourhood was using our sandbox to do their “business”.

We tried cleaning out the mess, and sterilizing with bleach, until we were alerted to the potential dangers of Toxoplasmosis. We simply didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances, especially while my wife was pregnant, so we covered the sandbox and introduced new sand.

It is our hope that you will profit from our experience, as a covered sandbox will provide your family with hours of enjoyment. Perhaps the best part is, it’s not expensive! We are happy to report that after we got our cat problem sorted out our covered sandbox provided – what eventually ended up being six children – countless hours of playing enjoyment.

I can still see them sitting in their sandbox and using their creative imaginations to build roads, towns and many other make-believe creations. It was a great, inexpensive way to foster their development, and certainly one my wife and I would most highly recommend.